Soundstyle Range of AV Stands

Manufactured in Nottingham in the UK, Soundstyle has been at the forefront of innovative Hi Fi and Home Cinema furniture for almost a decade. The designers at Soundstyle pride themselves on contemporary furniture which is not only acoustically outstanding but also aesthetically appealing.


As an alternative to the insipid black rack of the 80s, Soundstyle's first range not only presented tubular steel uprights as a new concept, but also introduced several colour options.

Keen to maintain the growing reputation as a market leader and offer real consumer choice, Soundstyle swiftly introduced The Select Range with colour co-ordinated shelves and matching top and base cones. In addition, a modular product was introduced - Radius.

As trends in interior design and fashion veered away from bright colours and more towards monotones and natural hues during the late 90s, Soundstyle's range was adapted accordingly and a third range was introduced. Finewoods comprises either polished cherry or maple finish shelves with black or silver tubes.


The XS Series was launched in September 2000. The entire range has been slightly increased in dimension allowing for larger AV equipment, and now incorporates more rigid tubes in order to support heavier loads, such as wide screen TVs. Subtly curved glass shelves and lacquered steel columns combine to create a distinct, yet understated piece of furniture which is receptive to any style of decor or lifestyle.


The LS Series, the most recent addition to the portfolio, is a natural evolution from the highly acclaimed XS Series with newly formed co-ordinating top and base cones with silver disc detail, setting the product apart from its predecessors.


Superior quality opti-white glass has broadened the spectrum in terms of shelf colour, and both the Topaz and Oyster racks offer the optimum choice in looks and performance. These colours have been carefully selected to complement contemporary stripped wooden flooring and natural decor, and the latest champagne coloured equipment. Whether the emphasis is on matching equipment to rack, or rack to surroundings, The LS Series really is the ultimate Hi Fi or Home Cinema rack.