Hitachi 42PMA400E

Hitachi's new 42PMA400E plasma display incorporates a host of new technology features, which combine to produce the ultimate in picture performance. With 1024 x 1024 pixel high-resolution, 16:9 aspect ratio screen and an extra-high peak white brightness level of 1000cd/m│, this Plasma Display provides a higher quality picture. Among other technical advances featured are Hitachi's I▓ Intelligent Image Chip, which enables high quality progressive scan processing and high speed digital processing. Capable of conveying the breathtaking beauty of HDTV images and the minute details and crisp colours of UXGA computer generated graphics, this slim and space saving wide-screen display is ideal for visual communication applications.





Hitachi CMP5000WXE

Hitachi's new XGA compatible high-definition plasma display incorporates a 1280 x 768 pixel high resolution. With a 50 inch 16:9 aspect ratio screen, this display is ideally suited for graphics and visual communication applications.





Fujitsu PDS-4234

Create the perfect home cinema experience with the stunning Plasmavision« PDS-4234. Featuring Fujitsu's unique fully digital processor, AVM (Advanced Video Movement) the screen realises the industry's highest level of picture quality. In addition, with the newly developed "Fine Mode" the tiniest details in a film are visible, even in a lowly lit room. Optimised for home theatre experience.

With a competitive price tag the stylish 42-inch PDS-4234is the plasma display for film buffs everywhere!