Phonic MR3243

Ideal for recording studios, rehearsal facilities and houses of worship, the MR3243 boasts a feature set normally only found on mixers costing far more. Solid construction and silent operation inspire confident mixes while comprehensive facilities ensure that the MR3243 can cope with a wide variety of mixing situations.

  • Extremely low-noise mic pre-amplifiers

  • 20 balanced mic inputs

  • 2 stereo line inputs

  • Direct outs on all mic inputs

  • 3 band EQ with sweepable mid

  • 6 auxiliary sends

  • Auxiliary 3 and 4 switchable either pre or post fader

  • Solo on each input and output

  • Channel mutes on each mic channel

  • 4 stereo effect returns

  • 4 group outs with 2 band EQ, pan, solo and L/R assign

  • Built-in talkback microphone

  • MS matrix input

  • Record output

  • 6 level meters with masters switchable for MS or ST level




Phonic Powerpod 1060


The Powerpod 1060 takes the concept of the incredibly popular Powerpod 740 a stage further offering increased facilities and flexibility. Eight balanced mic inputs, ten line level inputs, built in digital effects and three separate 200 Watt power amplifiers combine to offer the perfect solution for all manner of PA requirements. The three separate power amplifiers enable the Powerpod 1060 to be run in two separate modes  

  • 8 balanced mic inputs

  • 10 balanced/ unbalanced TRS 1/4" jack line inputs

  • Gain, 3-band EQ and pan controls on all input channels

  • Tape input/ record output via RCA (phono) connectors

  • Built-in digital reverb/ delay

  • Three separate 200 Watt power amplifier modules

  • Two separate 7-band graphic equalisers, one for front of house, one for monitors

  • Globally switchable 48V phantom power for powering condenser microphones

  • Headphone amp with stereo 1/4" connector and dedicated level control

  • Dimensions (W x D x H): 470 x 280 x 325mm

  • Weight: 21kg




Allen&Heath  WZ16:2DX

Maximum output level
L-R +27dBu into 600 ohm max load
All other outputs +21dBu into 2k ohm max load

Internal headroom
Mix to output +23dB
Channels +21dB
Peak LEDs Turns on 5dB before clipping   
Peak reading 12 segment 0VU = +4dBu at L-R output
3 colour led bargraph

Frequency response
20Hz to 50kHz +0/-1dB

Total harmonic distortion

measured at +14dBu 1kHz
Channel to mix out < 0.008%


measured at 1kHz Channel fader down < -90dB
Channel off < -90dB







Allen&Heath GL4000


Technical Specifications
0 dBu = 0.775 Volts rms

Operating levels
Internal operating level 0dBu - channels, -2dBu mix
Internal headroom +21dB channels, +23dB mix to output
Max outputs balanced +27dBu >2k ohm max load
Unbalanced +21dBu >2k ohm
Channel inserts 0dBu
Output inserts -2dBu
Frequency Response

Measured 20Hz to 20khz ref 1khz
Mic to mix (+40dB) +0/-0.5dB
Line to mix (0dB) +0/-0.5dB
Input meters 4 segment led (signal, 0, +6, peak)
Mix meters 4 segment led (signal, 0, +6, peak)
Output meters 12 segment led
Led meter response Peak reading
Peak indicators 0n 5dB before clipping
Signal indicators on -20dBu
Integral VU meterbridge illuminated VU moving coil meters